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Workshop 'Master your Breath' - 1/2 day

Discover and experience how breathing is the shortest route to physical and mental well-being.

  • 3 uur
  • Price on demand
  • Siebe Hannosset


Breathe less, fear less. Consciously regulating our breathing patterns can help us relax, energise our bodies, heal and even overcome our fears. Experience how simple breathing techniques become your anchor of calm. Master your mindset. Mindset is a consequence of your state of being. And that state of being is influenced by your body. So if you are always busy, sprinting through life, and always on... then your state of being is not optimal and you experience less energy, focus and are less comfortable in your own skin. Learn how, through breathing, you can change your state of being to get closer to yourself again. Increase focus and energy. Experience the effectiveness of conscious and controlled hypoxia breathing exercises to increase your focus and awareness instantaneously and make do with energy dips during the day. Become stress resilient again. Increase your stress resilience through conscious and controlled hypercapnia breathing exercises.


  • Schoorstraat 51, 9230 Wetteren, Belgium

    +32 494 37 66 67

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